Cold Storage

Let Dan & John Kahnert revitalize and store your fur and shearling coats after a long winter’s use. We are happy to look after your coats even if they were purchased elsewhere. Our modern storage facilities provide an environment of constant cool air circulation where the controlled temperature and humidity levels prevent the premature drying of the pelts, thus preserving the natural oils in the skins. Air-conditioned homes and cedar closets simply lack these ideal storage conditions. Our vaults also protect your garments from moths, fire, and theft. For your peace of mind, your garments are always fully insured while in our care, with year-round insurance coverage available on request.

Storage rates start at $75 per coat for the season, and are based on the insured value that is placed on your garment while in storage. Call Dan or John, or e-mail us at for a quote on the competitive storage rate that will best suit your needs. This spring, you are welcome to bring in your coats personally to our showroom at 2078 Avenue Road, or call for a free pick-up in the Greater Toronto Area.